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Welcome to the XML Registry and Repository for the Education Community. The Registry is a central access point for XML Core Components, XML Schemas, and supporting documentation for the Education Standards Community.

The Core Components stored in the XML Registry and Repository have been created and reviewed through a collaborative effort between the Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA), Postsecondary Electronics Standards Council (PESC), and the Education Standards Community.

To navigate through the Registry, use the menu on the top of the browser. Choose the link corresponding to the area you are interested in (i.e., Classifications, Core Components, Sector Libraries, Message Specifications, Browse, or Search).

NOTE: For navigation of this site, the 'Back' button and 'Refresh' button on your browser should not be used. Navigation through the XML Registry and Repository is best accomplished using with the menus and buttons that are displayed on the web pages.

Current Message Specifications

The following table lists the most recent versions of Message Specifications posted to the XML Registry. If you are interested in seeing these Message Specification definitions, you may follow the corresponding link below directly to the schema file.

NameVersionLast Updated
Academic Record 1.5.0 Submitted
COD Common Record 3.0c Submitted
COD Common Record Value Range 3.0c Submitted
College Transcript 1.2.0 Submitted
CoreMain 1.8.0 Submitted


For questions or to request an administrative account for the XML Registry and Repository please contact the system administrator by email at

Last updated: February 5, 2012